Tensing Pen is the ideal place to relax and unwind and we’ve built a special yoga space at SeasongHut that will bring you closer to Nirvana

Fanette Johnson is our yoga instructor and she teaches the IYENGAR style of yoga which emphasizes alignment, balance and breathing. Fanette was born in France and has spent half her life in Jamaica. She has taught yoga in Paris, New York and Negril and has been teaching for almost twenty years. The class is an all level class suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, so anyone can take part.

Many repeat guests return to Tensing Pen especially to enjoy Fanette’s classes and once you experience her class, you’ll see why.

Yoga Service

Yoga Classes can be arranged any day at a cost of US$60.00 for a minimum of two persons and US$20.00 for each additional person