Tensing Pen CoveMake Jamaica Your Next Holiday Destination

Jamaica is a beautiful island country located in the midst of the Caribbean Sea. With its rich culture and tropical surroundings, it is a visitor’s paradise. If you are considering a Caribbean vacation, then Jamaica is the place to visit, and Tensing Pen resort in Negril is the perfect location to spend your stay.

Enjoy nature while lying on a local beach, or get a taste of the Jamaican culture while dining at the Tensing Pen restaurant. The Tensing Pen Resort in Negril has so much to offer to tourists and visitors alike! Looking for ideas when visiting Jamaica? Here are several reasons for visiting the island nation of Jamaica for your next vacation.

Numerous Beautiful Beaches

Jamaica is full of scenic beaches with clear blue horizons. The Tensing Pen Resort in Negril is located on the famous West End of Negril, just minutes from the most famous Jamaican beach known as the Seven Mile Beach. The Tensing Pen resort is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and unwind. We provide high end spa services, a world class dining experience, Yoga, and offer the perfect getaway right here at Tensing Pen.

Sunny Tropical Climate

The weather in Jamaica is ideal for an outdoor, tropical vacation. The Tensing Pen Resort in Negril boasts sunny days throughout the year, so you can escape the winter chills of your hometown. Cool, sea breezes envelop our seaside bungalows and cliffside cottages, making for a perfect temperature when sitting by the pool or dining outdoors.

Delicious Local Cuisine

Jamaica has something to offer for everyone! If you are a lover of delicacies and local cuisine, Jamaica is the perfect location for your next vacation. Enjoy the variety of food that Negril has to offer by eating at local restaurants, checking out the market, and of course tasting some Jamaican rum!

Nature’s Abundant Beauty

Jamaica is home to various wildlife and plants. Nature lovers will enjoy photography and hikes on the island while exploring its wilderness areas. For the adventurers,  enjoy an amazing underwater view of the Caribbean while snorkeling and/or scuba diving.

Our team members at the  Tensing Pen Resort in Negril, Jamaica are happy to assist you with making arrangements to enjoy the many and varied  Jamaican activities for every personality type and age which are available in Negril and beyond. There are sporting activities for teens and adults; relaxing days at the beach for less active souls and boating tours. Negril is a perfect vacation destination.

Souvenir Shopping

Tensing Pen on the cliffs of Negril, is a perfect destination resort for finding authentic Jamaican souvenirs. Jamaica has a range of souvenir shops that offer cultural mementos for visitors to the island. Bring home keepsakes for yourself, friends, and family!