While the Caribbean can be awe inspiring and a playground all to itself So can the Island of Jamaica. A guide tour is just the way to explore our emerald green hills and tropical surroundings that are full of life. The type and intensity of guided tours in Jamaica are up to you from a relaxing horseback ride, exploring a rum mill or hiking to untouched, hidden falls. Tensing Pen will arrange a Jamaican guided tour for you based on your interests and level of desired adventure. Some of the more well trodden guided tours in Jamaica that Tensing Pen visitors love include  Mayfield Falls,  River Walk, the Appleton Rum Tour, and the  Black River Safari!

Tensing Pen’s guided tours in Jamaica are awe-inspiring, fun for all ages, and a tropical getaway into the most wondrous and hidden parts of Jamaica and the surrounding areas. When visiting Tensing Pen, you will not only get a relaxing resort experience, but also a Jamaica island style adventure because of the variety of Jamaican guided tours available. Tensing Pen’s number one priority is to make your vacation the best! With a Jamaican guided tour, you will experience Jamaica in an enlightening way that is fun for the whole family!