Welcome to Tensing Pen

The ultimate dream destination, Tensing Pen is an intimate, romantic and exclusive Jamaican boutique resort, located on Jamaica’s western tip. Experience amazing ocean views from the stunning limestone cliffs of Negril’s West End, perched above the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Each of Tensing Pen’s uniquely designed and appointed thatch-roofed rooms make it one of the most beautiful Jamaican resort. Our staff welcomes you as family, and will help you experience the richness of Jamaican culture. At Tensing Pen, where “Life is Simple”, guests vacation in style, and get to relax their bodies and their minds.

Negril, Jamaica

Negril is located along the western  coast of Jamaica, and hugs the Caribbean Sea. Negril is home to both the famed 7 mile beach and 5 miles of spectacular cliffs known as the West End. Jamaica’s famous, immaculate white sandy beaches are breathtaking and Negril occupies a place of pride among them, with its protected coral reefs and turquoise waters. The beaches are known for their hustle and bustle bars, restaurants, beach hotels, some of which are all-inclusive. As for the Negril cliffs, the vibe is mellow, romantic and intimate. The West End cliffs are home to One Love Drive, named after Bob Marley’s eponymous song, and this is where you will find the world famous Rick’s Café, a short walk from Tensing Pen resort. Use our online contact form for any information concerning Tensing Pen Resort in Negril. One of our friendly staff will contact you back shortly.

Unique Accommodations

Most resorts in Jamaica have large pools, crowded lobbies, and sometimes hundreds of rooms. However, at Tensing Pen, we choose quality over quantity. Each room is uniquely designed and decorated, and our location is secluded. Our rooming arrangements consist of high-end stone, wood, and thatch cut cottages that really allow you to embrace the Caribbean lifestyle. Like most Jamaican resorts, Tensing Pen offers award winning spa services, relaxing yoga classes, a unique dining experience, where you can watch the sunset as you dine on the fine foods inspired by Jamaica’s fresh cuisine. From the cliffs, you may enter -or jump- into crystalline waters, or you may choose to lounge by the pool, while sipping a rum or fruit-based cocktail. All of our rooms are TV and Phone free, to enhance your sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Free wireless connectivity is available in your rooms and throughout the resort, and if you need to use a phone, just stop by our front desk. Tensing Pen, where “Life is Simple” is a state of mind, and our guest are treated as friends.

Reserving A Room

You can book a room at the  Tensing Pen Resort, in Negril, Jamaica online or via a toll free call at 800-957-0387. You may click on our Cottages link to view the various styles of cottages. It is best to call us directly if the online form shows your room choice unavailable.

At Tensing Pen, we encourage you to enjoy your holidays to the maximum by indulging in various Jamaican activities like guided tours to a historic rum mill, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, scuba diving, relaxing spa treatments, horseback riding on the beach, parasailing, and invigorating yoga.  In fact, like many, you may want to extend your vacation here in order to spend more time enjoying all that Jamaica and the Jamaican culture has to offer. Visiting Negril Jamaica is truly an unforgettable experience, and the staff at Tensing Pen is committed to make it the best.